When you need to choose a gynaecologist, the selection of the best specialist for you is important.

There have been many recent advances in the field of Obstetrics and Gynaecology. Whether you need a normal, c-section childbirth, or have a high-risk pregnancy - there are now many approaches and specialists to choose from.

The process of finding the best gynaecologist or obstetrician for you, that is both suitable and located in Brisbane, can be daunting.

HOW DO I FIND THE BEST Gynaecologist?

General Practitioner

An excellent place to start your search would be your general practitioner, they are trusted gatekeepers for specialists such as gynaecologist specialising in infertility, menstrual disorders, or minimally invasive surgery.

Your GP is familiar with your medical history, and may also have several patients with firsthand experience with specific surgeons, clinics and hospitals.

Past Patients

It is also common to talk with other patients who can give you a perspective of not only the surgeon and his or her ability but also the preoperative and postoperative care offered.

Google Search

Dr Google is also a valuable resource. Not only for information about anatomy and procedure details, but also when researching a doctor’s experience and subspecialty focus.

It is important to understand that your surgeon has the focus, experience and current training to resolve your specific problem.


More and more patients are sharing their experiences on platforms such as Google Reviews and Facebook. While not definitive, they can add some perspective on a particular clinic and past patients’ satisfaction.


Here is a checklist that covers the key points in selecting a gynaecologist. Does your specialist offer:

  • Suitable qualifications and training in specific procedures being considered
  • Experience with hundreds or thousands of successful procedures
  • Statistics on results of their surgery, preferably independently audited
  • Peer recognition or third party accreditation from a “Centre of Excellence”
  • Proper resources and support staff for the provision of postsurgical care
  • Clear costing and policies for your procedure
  • Easy access to your doctor if needed
  • Convenient location for consulting and your procedure
  • Evidence of active participating in continuing education as a participant and as a teacher.


From a subjective viewpoint, you should feel comfortable with your doctor and feel free to ask any questions about your treatment.

Your doctor should take the time to listen to you and clear any doubts that you might have.

Ideally your childbirth should be performed at a facility that is a recognized “Centre of Excellence” which would ensure that

  • The facility has performed the required number of births in the last year with excellent outcomes
  • The staff have undergone training specific to birthing procedures, and
  • There is a patient coordinator who is your first point of contact from start to finish throughout your recovery journey.

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